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Our Mission:

 To help parents and the medical world make a DIFFERENCE!

A difference in the lives of children and families that are searching for answers.

 50% of the donations here will go towards research to help find cures for children with undiagnosed diseases.

 50% of the money will be made available in the form of a grant for parents with children who have an undiagnosed disease.

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2021 Goals:

  • $100,000 In Donations!
  • ​$50,000 Donated To Medical Research
  • $50,000 Given To Families In Need

Over $3,490 As Of 03/01/2021

GOAL: $100,000

How We're Raising Money:

Mountains 4 Munch

He moved mountains, so we climb them.
An outlet since losing our son has been to climb mountains and get our boy to the top. He deserves the BEST view!
With each mountain we climb, we will be raising money to get Lucas to the top and help as many families as possible.
To see all the mountains we've climbed, CLICK HERE.

Our Most Recent Climb: 01/29/21 (Lucas's Birthday)


Coming Soon This Spring 2021!

Lucas Matthew Kump
January 29th 2014 - June 7th 2019

Lucas Matthew passed away suddenly in his sleep on June 7th 2019. Lucas had always been a mystery baby, stumping doctors and creating negative test results left and right.

After almost two years of not knowing why Lucas was different, an answer... somewhat... finally came. BCL11B. A mutated gene that affected his brain's ability to control certain muscles, as well as many other things.

Lucas was not able to speak, walk, crawl, eat or function on his own. He needed assistance with all aspects of his daily life. This is due to BCL11B. 
BCL11B is still very much an unknown mutated gene. As of today, Lucas was only 1 of approximately 15 children in the world with this known gene mutation.

Lucas was an amazing boy with a heart of gold! He lit up the room wherever he went and as long as he had his DVD player with his Muppet Babies playing, he was absolutely content!